Maximize Your Space Get the Most Out of Your Sprinter Van With a Bench Seat

van bench seat


Looking to maximize your space when you hit the road? Whether you’re a van-life enthusiast, weekend warrior, or full-time camper, having the right gear can make a difference. Nothing beats a bench seat when it comes to making the most of your Sprinter van.

A Sprinter van bench seat is the perfect way to maximize your floor space and create extra seating for friends and family. It also provides a comfortable nap spot or relaxation between destinations. Plus, if you’re converting your van into an office or home on wheels, the bench seat adds a touch of style and sophistication to any interior.

But before you start building out your dream setup, one crucial thing to consider: how will you install the bench seat? In this article, we’ll discuss all the factors you need to consider before installing a bench seat in your Sprinter van ” and how to do it safely.

Why a Van Bench Seat Is a Great Option

van bench seat

One of the great benefits of having a Sprinter van is the ability to customize it to your lifestyle and needs. And if you’re looking for a way to maximize your limited space, a van bench seat is a great option.

Van bench seats are designed to maximize seating and storage capabilities in your vehicle. They provide comfortable seating for up to six people and can be transformed into additional storage areas with flip-up cushions. As a bonus, they can even be removed if you need extra interior space for hauling bulky items.

And don’t worry about sacrificing comfort for convenience ” a van bench seat provides plenty of support and cushioning provides durable comfort that won’t wear out over time. Plus, if you choose one with adjustable headrests, you’ll rest easy knowing that every passenger will have optimal head support while they ride in your Sprinter.

What to Look for in a Van Bench Seat

When shopping for a van bench seat, you want something that will maximize your space, withstand outdoor elements and provide you with a comfortable ride. Start by finding one that fits your exact measurements to maximize the available space’s use.

Next, look for quality upholstery and construction. One with waterproof material or an outdoor-grade canvas will protect from the elements and spills. The padding should be enough to make it comfortable for long road trips. You should also ensure an adjustable backrest for added comfort and convenience.

Finally, check your seat for extra features like seat belts or cupholders to make your ride more enjoyable. Ensure all necessary accessories, such as brackets and screws, are included before purchase. With these simple tips, you can easily find the perfect van bench seat to make the most of your Sprinter Van!

How to Measure for a Sprinter Van Bench Seat

When you’re ready to get a Sprinter van bench seat, you’ll want to ensure you measure correctly! You can do this with two measurements: the width and depth of your van interior.

Measure the width

Start at the door and measure how vast your interior is when installing a bench seat. This is important to ensure it’s narrow enough and fits along the van’s side wall. You should note that if your walls have insulation, this will eat up another four inches or so – make sure you factor that in when measuring!

Measure the depth

When measuring for depth, make sure you measure from front to back. Bench seats will come in various depths, so make sure you know exactly how deep it needs to be before making a purchase. Remember to account for any modifications or appliances like shelves or stovetop ovens that may add an extra inch or two of width so the seat can fit nicely into your space.

Finally, make sure that when installing your bench seat, you use screws that are designed for vehicles specifically ” using regular sheet metal screws could strip out over time due to vibration and weight. And there you have it— if you do these simple steps, you’ll have a safe and secure bench seat in no time!

Examples of Sprinter Van Bench Seats

When you think of a Sprinter van, you might think of a helpful vehicle – but who said it has to be boring? With an affordable Sprinter van bench seat, you can do more than transport people and materialize” you can create a functional and stylish space for your family to enjoy.


A benchmark seat typically has several comfortable features, such as thick padding and adjustable headrests. You can also choose the upholstery fabric, allowing you to match the interior of your van with whatever look you are going for. And when it’s time to relax, recline the backrests ” after all, that’s what a bench seat is all about!


Adding a custom Sprinter van bench seat, you’ll maximize your space in terms of both storage and seating. For example, some models have fold-down armrests with folding bench seat van, double as convenient storage trays as” perfect for keeping snacks or your phone nearby. And for those moments when extra space is needed to transport something such as kayaks or bikes, fold down the backrests and make room for more oversized items.

Also, keep in mind that by adding a bench seat to your Sprinter van, you’re increasing its value in terms of usability and improving its esthetic appeal,” an actual win-win situation!

Benefits of Installing a Sprinter Van Bench Seat

van bench seat

Are you looking for the ultimate seating and storage solutions for your Sprinter van? A bench seat for van is a great way to maximize space without compromising comfort. But what are the benefits of installing a bench seat in your van?

First, let’s talk about seating. With a three-person bench seat, you get plenty of options for how to use the space. You can opt to stack two seats together as one large seat or split them into two separate seating areas for even more flexibility. And remember the storage opportunities a bench seat provides “with storage underneath the seats, you can keep all your items neat and organized.

Furthermore, installing a bench seat in your van means that there is no need to sacrifice comfort. With a durable cushioned backrest, adjustable headrests, armrests, and footrests, it’s easy to find the perfect position for any journey. A van bench seats also provides superior safety – thanks to its increased visibility and stability during cornering and braking.

Finally, “and perhaps most importantly “adding a sprinter van bench seat makes it easier than ever to quickly convert your vehicle from work mode to recreational mode with ease – giving you maximum versatility in one simple package!

Installation Tips for Your Sprinter Van Bench Seat

Installing a bench seat in your Sprinter van is straightforward, but some simple tips make the installation even more accessible. Here is what you need to know:

Get the measurements right.

One of the most important things is getting the measurements right before drilling. Double-check your measurements and consider what kind of seating setup you have (standard, swivel, etc.). It is also important to ensure the seats are level and securely fastened.

Choose the proper fasteners.

You’ll need solid and reliable fasteners that can handle the weight and vibration from driving your van. Stainless steel screws are often a great option as they won’t rust over time and are strong enough to provide secure attachment points for your bench seat van.

Pre-drill holes

Pre-drilled holes will make installation faster and ensure everything is lined up correctly. This will also make it easier to fit multiple seats in one row if needed. Pre-drilled holes should be sized appropriately for your screws, so you don’t need oversize or undersize your hole sizes.

These tips will help you get the best possible installation for your Sprinter van bench seat ” and efficiently maximize your space!

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All in all, bench seats are a great way to maximize your space in your sprinter van. With creativity, you can make your van feel like a much bigger space than it is. It’s essential to consider the van bench seat dimensions and the size of the van to determine the amount of space you have. With the correct type of bench seat for your van, you can create a comfortable and spacious environment to enjoy your travels.

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