Decorated Side Table Inspiration: 20 Stylish Living Room nesting coffee table

nesting coffee table

You know that little space next to your sofa that’s begging for some style? It’s time to give your living room decor a boost with a decorative side table. Whether your taste runs modern minimalist or cozy bohemian, a stylish side table is an easy way to elevate your space. Here are 20 gorgeous nesting coffee table designs to spark your imagination. From sleek metal frames to rustic wood tops, geometric accents to nature-inspired motifs, these nesting coffee tables offer creative solutions for every living room. So go ahead, make that empty corner cozy and give guests something chic to set their drinks on. Your living room will thank you.

Stylish Square Wooden Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

For small spaces, a simple square wooden coffee table is ideal. It provides a surface for drinks, books, and decor without taking up much visual or physical space. Here are some stylish and functional options to consider:

  • Solid wood square coffee table: A plain solid wood coffee table in a medium tone like walnut or mahogany adds warmth to a room. Look for one with storage space under the tabletop for baskets, blankets or board games.
  • Nested coffee table set: For extra surface area, choose a set of two or three nested tables in graduating sizes. Pull them apart when you need more space or push them together to conserve room. The wooden tops and metal frames are a popular industrial-rustic combination.
  • Lift-top coffee table: If you want a coffee table that can transform into a desk or dining table, choose a lift-top style. The wooden top lifts up and the sides fold out to provide extra surface space. When not in use, simply fold it back down into a coffee table.
  • Geometric accent table: For a touch of visual interest, select a square coffee table with a geometric accent, like an angled base, carved pattern or inlaid design on the wooden top. The simple square shape paired with a striking accent is an eye-catching combination.

With the right choice of stylish and space-efficient wooden coffee table, you can enjoy both form and function in your small living room. Browse options with features like nesting tables, lift-tops or geometric accents to find what suits your needs and decor style. Your perfect coffee table centerpiece awaits!

Coffee Tables With Seating Underneath for Extra Functionality

nesting coffee table

A coffee table with seating underneath is the perfect solution for small spaces. You get extra seating when you need it, but can tuck it away when you don’t.

Look for a coffee table with two benches or stools that slide under the tabletop when not in use. Some options have padded benches for extra comfort, while others are wood to match the table. Either way, you’ll appreciate the versatility.

For a cozy conversational area, choose a nesting coffee table with upholstered benches. When guests come over, simply slide out the benches to provide ample seating for four to six people. Voila – an instant gathering spot! Nesting tables also come in square and round shapes to suit your space.

If your living room is on the smaller side, a rectangular coffee table with narrow benches that slide underneath is ideal. The long, lean shape takes up little visual space in the room. And when the benches aren’t needed, no one will even know they’re there.

For a stylish option, look for a coffee table with metal benches or stools featuring an industrial design. The airy, open bases keep the look lightweight and the seating easily tucks away when not required.

With the variety of sizes, shapes, and styles available, you’re sure to find a nesting coffee table perfect for your living room. And the extra seating – well, that’s just an added bonus for you and your guests to enjoy!

Decorated Side Table Inspiration: End Table Decor Ideas to Steal

nesting coffee table

End tables are the perfect canvas for decorating and styling your living room. Here are some stylish end table decor ideas to inspire you:

Tray with accent pieces

A decorative tray is ideal for corralling smaller items on an end table. Place a tray on your end table and fill it with accent pieces like:

  • Candles ( LED or real flame)
  • Small potted plants or succulents
  • A stack of artful coffee table books
  • Vintage boxes to hide clutter
  • A small decorative bowl with colorful stones, pine cones or potpourri

Sculptural lamp

An eye-catching table lamp, like a sculptural ceramic piece or a bold metal lamp, makes an artistic statement on an end table. Pair with a few artfully placed books or trays for a stylish vignette.

Natural elements

Bring nature indoors with natural decorative elements on your end tables like:

  • Driftwood
  • Collected seashells
  • Pine cones
  • Smooth stones
  • Branches in a vase

Group a few of these natural pieces together for an organic, earthy look.

Photo display

Create a casual photo gallery on your end table using a combination of framed photos, unframed polaroids, and a photo board or holder. This adds a personal, homey touch to your living room decor.

Decorative accessories

Fill an end table with a combination of decorative accessories like:

  • A statement vase with faux or dried flowers
  • Decorative boxes
  • Mirrored trays
  • Candlesticks
  • Bowls
  • Small sculptures

Mixing and matching a variety of accessories, colors, textures and styles creates an artful vignette on your end table. Change up the accessories with the seasons to keep things looking fresh.

Nesting Coffee Tables: Double the Table Space in Your Living Room

nesting coffee table

Nesting coffee tables are a great solution if you want extra table space in your living room without taking up too much floor space. Nesting tables are two or more tables of graduated sizes that slide under each other when not in use, but can be pulled out as needed for serving snacks, holding drinks, or spreading out books and magazines.

Double the Table Space

With nesting coffee tables, you get two tables in the space of one. The smaller tables slide under the largest table when you just need a simple coffee table. But for entertaining or when you have extra items to display, simply pull out as many of the nested tables as you need. Push them back under when you’re done and your living room will still feel open and uncluttered.

Flexible Arrangements

Nesting tables give you flexibility in arranging your living room. Pull out all the tables for a large surface perfect for entertaining. Use just two tables for extra space when you have guests over. Or keep a single table out all the time for a standard coffee table and pull out an extra table only when you need it. Arrange the tables in a straight line for a long table space or stagger them at angles for a more dynamic look.

Hidden Storage

Some nesting coffee table sets provide hidden storage under the largest table base. This gives you space to stash living room essentials like coasters, remotes, books and magazines out of sight when not in use. For smaller living rooms, nesting tables with storage help maximize your space.

Wood or Metal

You can find nesting coffee tables in both wood and metal. Wood tables provide a warm, organic look that complements many living room decors. Metal nesting tables have an industrial vibe and often come in trendy gold or copper finishes. Choose a finish that matches your existing living room furniture and accents.

Nesting coffee tables are a stylish solution for gaining extra table space in your living room without sacrificing an open feel. With options in different materials, sizes and price points, you can find a set of nesting tables perfect for your space and needs.

20 Chic and Functional Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

nesting coffee table

There are so many stylish ways to decorate a coffee table and make it a functional focal point in your living room. Here are 20 chic coffee table decorating ideas to inspire you:


Display a stack of your favorite books on a coffee table. Not only does it add visual interest, but it gives your guests something to flip through. Mix in decor items like a tray, small plant or candle holder for extra style points.


Vintage trunks or chests make a great base for a coffee table. You can store extra blankets, pillows or other living room accessories inside. Top it off with a tray to corral smaller items like the remote control, magazines and coasters.


Group pillar candles, votives for candlesticks on a coffee table to create a stylish vignette. Include candle holders in a variety of heights, sizes and materials like glass, stone or metal. Light the candles for an ambient glow that makes a cozy statement.


Use decorative trays to organize smaller items on your coffee table and create separate styled sections. For example, have one tray for the remote, another for magazines and a third for coasters and a bud vase. The trays rein in clutter while adding decorative flair.


Baskets are both stylish and functional for coffee table storage. Use baskets to hold extra throw blankets, books, board games or electronics accessories. Look for baskets in natural, woven materials that complement your living room decor. Label each basket to keep everything organized.


Add life to your coffee table display with small potted plants, succulents or bud vases. Greenery helps to freshen up and soften the look of a coffee table. Choose plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance and can thrive with limited light. Water and mist them regularly to keep the foliage looking its best.

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So there you have it—20 inspiring ways to decorate a side table and make a stylish statement in your living room. Whether you opt for a pop of pattern, a natural wood bowl, or a posy of fresh flowers, a decorated side table is an easy way to showcase your style and bring your living room to life. The options are endless. Now it’s your turn—go wild with texture, color and collectibles or keep it minimal. However you choose to decorate, make that side table a focal point that reflects your personal esthetic. Your living room will thank you, and your guests will surely notice the stylish new addition. What are you waiting for? Get decorating!

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